DIS-IDENTITY POLITICS (kpunk.abstractdynamics)

The discussion of V for Vendetta – on Pinocchio Theory in particular – has been far more interesting than the film deserved. Yes, there is a certain frission in seeing a major Hollywood movie refusing to unequivocally condemn terrorism, but the political analysis in the film (as in the original comic) is really rather threadbare. … More DIS-IDENTITY POLITICS (kpunk.abstractdynamics)

LONDON AFTER THE RAVE (kpunk.abstractdynamics)

‘From the moment that human beings started communicating with electrical and electromagnetic signals, the ether has been a spooky place. Four years after Samuel Morse strung up his first telegraph wire in 1844, two young girls in upstate New York kick-started Spiritualism, a massively popular occult religion which attempted to fuse science and seance. […] … More LONDON AFTER THE RAVE (kpunk.abstractdynamics)

REFLEXIVE IMPOTENCE (kpunk.abstractdynamics)

Why are French students out on the streets rejecting neo-liberalism, while British students, whose situation is incomparably worse, resigned to their fate? The answer to that question is partly, also, an answer to why a group like the Arctic Monkeys connect with British teenagers. It is a matter not of apathy, nor of cynicism, but … More REFLEXIVE IMPOTENCE (kpunk.abstractdynamics)