No doubt superficial and hasty overview of two blogs that are worth a look (via Technorati): Vortexegg: esoteria, complexity theory and what it calls ‘vortex magic’. Corridor of Madness: this is excellent on the comics-occult-hyperstition interface. With each passing day, I’m becoming more embarrassed by my lack of familiarity with Grant Morrison. Must rectify this … More LINXX

Sorcery versus literature (Hyperstition)

I think the following exchange between Castaneda and an interviewer elegantly expresses the difference between sorcery/ hyperstition and art/ literature. Literature only becomes-sorcerous when it stops ‘rearranging the glosses’ and takes us out into non-ordinary reality. CASTANEDA: I have come to understand sorcery in terms of Talcott Parsons’ idea of glosses. A gloss is a … More Sorcery versus literature (Hyperstition)


Philip of It’s All In Your Mind blog asks me via e-mail to elucidate the difference between hyperstition and superstition. This provides an excellent opportunity to explore some of the basics of hyperstition. One difference is that superstitions don’t necesarily involve a becoming-real. It’s true that superstitional beliefs can have some impact upon the real. … More HYPERSTITION/ SUPERSTITION (Hyperstition)