BURIAL (The Wire 286)

Burial’s self-titled debut album was voted The Wire‘s top release of 2006 in the magazine’s annual Rewind poll. The following year, Mark conducted a rare in-person interview with the elusive South London producer, who is part of the roster of Hyperdub, the label run by Steve Goodman, Mark’s associate from the days of the Ccru. … More BURIAL (The Wire 286)

REBRANDING GARAGE: The Dreem Team (Hyperdub)

Dr Mark De’Rozario London Hyperdub HQ UK Garage: Past, Present and Future: so runs the portentous subtitle of The Dreem Teem’s recently-issued retrospective LP, In Session. The LP flags itself as more than merely another dance music compilation; it stakes a claim, constructs a narrative, not only about garage, but about British dance music in … More REBRANDING GARAGE: The Dreem Team (Hyperdub)