I JUST CALLED TO SAY … I LIKE YOU (kpunk.abstractdynamics)

Well, I’m pleased to see that the second episode of Peep Show lived up to the promise of the first. I arrived home slightly the worse for wear, just in time to catch it, so my memory for killer lines and moments of excruciating embarrasment isn’t what it might have been. It’s as if Chandler … More I JUST CALLED TO SAY … I LIKE YOU (kpunk.abstractdynamics)

REGENERATION TIME AGAIN (kpunk.abstractdynamics)

Pleased to see that both cnwb and troubled diva are celebrating the just-announced return of Dr Who. And I know that Angus will be cheering, too. Can it be done successfully? The signs are not encouraging. As everyone knows, the series was in decline long before the plug was pulled. It couldn’t survive the unforgiving … More REGENERATION TIME AGAIN (kpunk.abstractdynamics)

REALITY IS ELSEWHERE (kpunk.abstractdynamics)

“the periphery is where the future reveals itself” J.G. Ballard I also think Wire and the Banshees count as London since Watford and Bromley are in London’s orbit. Part of embracing the future is always rejecting the past; in fact this applies to people who move from the “provinces” to the “centre” as well. I … More REALITY IS ELSEWHERE (kpunk.abstractdynamics)