Steve Goodman’s presentation at the excellent hauntology event last week focused on the phenomenon of ‘audio spotlights’, which deploy ultrasound to precisely target sonic messages at individuals. Predictably, the use of this Philip K Dick-like ‘holosonic’ technology – explained in the YouTube clip above – is being pioneered by advertisers to cut through the urban … More IT’S NOT YOUR IMAGINATION… WHO’S THERE? (The Mire)

BURIAL (The Wire 286)

Burial’s self-titled debut album was voted The Wire‘s top release of 2006 in the magazine’s annual Rewind poll. The following year, Mark conducted a rare in-person interview with the elusive South London producer, who is part of the roster of Hyperdub, the label run by Steve Goodman, Mark’s associate from the days of the Ccru. … More BURIAL (The Wire 286)