londonunderlondon, very kindly described by Autonomicforthepeople as ‘ like a beautiful dark dream. Abandoned underground tunnels, troglodytes, fleeting Drumz churning , shy animals, ethereal grime…’ was broadcast on April 4th on Resonance FM. The mp3 is now available from the Resonance website but due to my lo-fi radio-hostile mix much of the detail got lost … More NECROPOLIS NOW (k-punk)


I suppose it’s the possibility that by championing microcapitalism over macrocapitalism you are championing Thatcherism over old-school socialism. Well, you’re certainly moving beyond ‘old-school socialism’ but are you really back into Thatcherism? For all sorts of reasons, many of them presented on recent threads at hyperstition, I’m less than happy with using the term ‘micro-capitalism’. … More ANTI-CAPITAL (SOME MODEST BEGINNINGS) (k-punk)

Magic vs sorcery / capitalism vs hyperstition (Hyperstition)

( A few tentative thoughts/ questions/ probes… Luke emails me with a quote from Grant Morrison (confirming once again that I really must check Morrison out). “… I’ve been obsessed with the corporate world–and the whole magic thing, I’ve been fed up with the occult, as you say, that whole aspect of it, and I … More Magic vs sorcery / capitalism vs hyperstition (Hyperstition)