Highly stimulating paper presented by John Collins tonight at Roehampton University. John was reformulating a distinction made by Chomsky between problems – which are, at least in principle, amenable to human solution – and mysteries, which are of their very nature insoluble, at least insofar as humans are concerned. As John conceded in the discussion … More PROBLEMS AND MYSTERIES (Hyperstition)


Simon’s response to the Surfascism piece is so interesting and if I may say so, so uh symptomatic that I think needs to be addressed point for point. — Isn’t fascism precisely the alliance of atavism/abjection and cold rationality? Atavism on its own might produce a pogrom, or an isolated Travis Bickle type paranoid schizo, … More BLISSBLOG, SURFASCISM AND COLD RATIONALISM (Hyperstition)

SURFASCISM (Hyperstition)

‘Sacred Sociology: A French Approach to the Religious Dimension of Fascism’, Carlo Ginzburg, Leo Baeck Institute, London December 7 2004 Carlo Ginzburg’s ‘microhistories’ of belief-contagion (and of withcraft in particular) make him an enormous resource for students of hyperstition. The subject of Ginzburg’s lecture on Tuesday, held in the vaguely sinister atmosphere of the Leo … More SURFASCISM (Hyperstition)

Existenzialism and Inhumanism (Hyperstition)

Pikul: I don’t want to be here. We’re stumbling around in the unformed world, not knowing what the rules are, or if there are any rules. We’re under attack from forces that want to destroy us but that we don’t understand.’ Watching Cronenberg’s Existenz while teaching existentialism recently, I found myself finally persuaded of the … More Existenzialism and Inhumanism (Hyperstition)