SURFASCISM (Hyperstition)

‘Sacred Sociology: A French Approach to the Religious Dimension of Fascism’, Carlo Ginzburg, Leo Baeck Institute, London December 7 2004 Carlo Ginzburg’s ‘microhistories’ of belief-contagion (and of withcraft in particular) make him an enormous resource for students of hyperstition. The subject of Ginzburg’s lecture on Tuesday, held in the vaguely sinister atmosphere of the Leo … More SURFASCISM (Hyperstition)

Existenzialism and Inhumanism (Hyperstition)

Pikul: I don’t want to be here. We’re stumbling around in the unformed world, not knowing what the rules are, or if there are any rules. We’re under attack from forces that want to destroy us but that we don’t understand.’ Watching Cronenberg’s Existenz while teaching existentialism recently, I found myself finally persuaded of the … More Existenzialism and Inhumanism (Hyperstition)

Reality itself is becoming paranoiac (Hyperstition)

As an additional footnote of sorts to Ccru’s ‘Who’s Pulling YOur Strings?’, this from Zizek…(well he might be a decadent western intellectual ;-), but he has one or two things to say pertinent to hyperstition): ‘… [w]hen we are confronted with conspiracy theories, we should proceed in a strict homology to the proper reading of … More Reality itself is becoming paranoiac (Hyperstition)


FOR REZA ‘If you’ve been puzzled by the title Eyes Wide Shut, you’re not alone. According to ritual abuse and mind control survivor Arizona Wilder, it’s a satanic cult term which means that whatever you’ve seen here is not to be revealed to anyone… or else. “Monarch [mind control] programmers use this term,” says Wilder … More HAVE YOU BEEN ENJOYING YOURSELF? (Hyperstition)