The Death Of Rave (CTM panel)

“The rave legacy no longer lives on, the corpse of rave bears no resemblance to those heady days in the late eighties and early nineties.”

V/Vm – The Death of Rave

Since V/VM’s nineteen hour “The Death of Rave” project marked a nails-in-the coffin moment to the foregone UK-rave scene, as well as Burial’s symbolic post-rave comedown and, more recently, Lee Gamble’s dissection of old jungle tapes, a collective subliminal interest in excavating the sonic architecture of this period seems particularly rife. From the ebullient dissent of the outdoor hardcore and acid house raves, through the period post-1994’s Criminal Justice Act which harboured darker variants of jungle, darkside, and drum’n’bass, the sonic potentialities which unfolded themselves then have undeniably flowed strongly in the bloodline of UK music ever since. Using the “then” and “now” as points of flight, a complex social and musical ecology emerges in which, over a period of more than twenty years, musical aesthetic as well as substantial socio-economic, materialistic, and structural changes have become apparent. Drawing on debates on the “hardcore continuum” and “hauntology” as detailed by Simon Reynolds and Mark Fisher among others, The Death Of Rave focuses on the sonic cycle of death and rebirth, using the notion of “The Golden Age” to reflect on the past, present, and future of music.

Alex Williams (UK), Introductory presentation – theorist, co-author of “Folk Politics”.

Mark Fisher (UK), writer, blogger (k-punk), lecturer, author of “Capitalist Realism”, member of CCRU. ›

Lee Gamble (UK), former pirate radio DJ, computer musician, member of CYRK. ›

Steve Goodman (UK), producer & DJ (Kode9), co-runs Hyperdub label, author of “Sonic Warfare”, member of CCRU. ›

Lisa Blanning (US/UK), journalist for the The Wire and Electronic Beats. ›

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