BURIAL (The Wire 286)

Burial’s self-titled debut album was voted The Wire‘s top release of 2006 in the magazine’s annual Rewind poll. The following year, Mark conducted a rare in-person interview with the elusive South London producer, who is part of the roster of Hyperdub, the label run by Steve Goodman, Mark’s associate from the days of the Ccru. Burial discloses a reason for his distinctive use of wordless vocal samples – he can’t get a proper singer – and the interviewer and interviewee find common ground on the ghost stories of MR James. The feature also presents Mark’s core ideas on a favoured subject, the theme of hauntology in music: “Of all the acts that have been called ‘hauntological’ – acts as diverse as Mordant Music, The Caretaker, Ariel Pink, Little Axe, Philip Jeck – Burial makes the most convincing case that our zeitgeist is essentially hauntological.” The photographs of Burial are by Georgina Cook, whose contemporaneous blog Drumz Of The South was an important visual document of the capital’s early dubstep scene.






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